The Determiner predesigned identity

For Arts, Education, R&D, etc.


/as is




What's included

Logo as font-based wordmark (horizontal and vertical lock-ups where applicable)


App icon and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn avatars and covers

Figma sources and archive with SVG and EPS files

Doc with colors and font download links

Copy of License agreement ↗

Why pre-logo your startup?

Exclusive rights. All designs are yours forever

Royalty free typefaces only. No fuss with licensing and extra expenses

Social media avatars and covers included

Responsive logos. Each adapted for modern day small size applications


How far can we go with customization?

To ensure predictable quality, we tend to customize as little as possible. This includes colors, typefaces, visual compositions, but not the symbols.

Your final logo colors and typefaces can be altered to fit your brief better, please let us know of any preferences via the order form.

Typefaces could be changed if your brand name is too long or short for the chosen pre-logo. Please note all pre-logos are based on readymade typefaces only and full wordmark customization is not available.

If you’d need an alternative logo composition (e.g. horizontal variant for your website header), please mention your preferences on the order form.

I’ve placed my order, what’s next?

If you've skipped order form questions we'll send them via email after your purchase. Without answers to those questions, we can't start your project. One more option to pass this step is a 15 min call. If you need it please write about it in any form field or via email.

As soon as all questions are settled, you’ll get a confirmation email. Your logo will be ready and mailed to you in 3 workdays after this confirmation.

All packages include logo files in SVG, EPS, and Figma, icons and cover images for social media, layout examples, docs with recommended colors and typefaces, and a license agreement. Package contents may vary so see check it on logo pages.

What about exclusive rights?

Each logo is only sold to just one client, meaning you get full exclusive rights.

If you don’t need your purchased logo anymore, you can always transfer the rights back to us (see below).

Is there a return option?

Yes, you can return your logo rights within one year and get a 30% guaranteed refund. In this case, this pre-logo will end up back on public sale.

It’s not about logotypes after all, right?

Hey, I’m Kirill, a Riga based art-director behind Pre‑logo with 15 years of experience in brand and product design. I know, building your brand might get tricky at times. If you’re not sure whether Pre‑logo would work for you or you’d love to join forces for a more flexible partnership, don’t hesitate to shoot me a note, I’m here to help.