and zero width ​characters with buttons for copying to clipboard, short mnemonics and usage comments.

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Zero Width
Expands when fully justified like typical space. Used with languages without visible space between words. Not supported in Internet Explorer v.6 and earlier.
Doesn't produce any space and prohibits a line break at its position. Determines word borders for computer search, parsing, sorting, etc. Not a space ​character.
Minimal width.
Mostly 1/5 of type size, rarely 1/6.
Frequently similar to Thin Space. Not rendered in Safari, so there's a hack.
Typed with a keyboard space bar.
Normal-space width.
Type Size Share
1/6 of type size.
1/4 of type size.
1/3 of type size. Closest to normal space.
1/2 of type size.
Type size width.
For numbers
4/18 of type size. Used in math formulas.
Number width. Used for tables.
Dot width.
Hieroglyph width. Used in oriental languages.
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